Interested in Donating an Embryo?

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Interested in Donating an Embryo?

Please provide your details below!

An act of kindness is a good deed done to show compassion and love to another person. It’s a gesture performed out of the goodness of one’s heart, with no expectation of reciprocation. Acts of kindness can be directed toward someone you know, like a family member or friend, or even toward a complete stranger. Embryo Donation is the ultimate act of kindness, fueled by another's selflessness to give the gift of life to another. We hope to spread that love by providing services for non-identified (anonymous), semi-open, and open donation cases.

Non-Identified (Anonymous)

In non-identified donation cases, both the donor and intended parent maintain anonymity, with no exchange of identifying information. Our team facilitates the matching process and manages all necessary transfer details, ensuring a seamless and confidential experience for both parties. Registration in EDC Nexus is optional but will allow you to view and share medical and lifestyle updates with each other.


Semi-open donations offer a middle ground, granting donors the option to maintain contact with recipients while preserving certain privacy boundaries. Through our partner platform, EDC Nexus, limited communication is monitored, allowing for updates on medical and lifestyle matters in real-time. Additionally, donors and recipients can choose to communicate through the platform, fostering a connection while respecting individual preferences.


For those seeking a more transparent and intimate relationship, open donation cases facilitate full disclosure of identities and contact information. Communication typically occurs through personal emails, and families have the opportunity to meet in person regularly. Our team facilitates these matches, providing both parties with each other's contact details for direct and open communication, as well as registration on EDC Nexus for ongoing support and connection.

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